Tile Gen Test

I made a pixel generation test. I also made the pixel art tiles.


yeah, I'm trying to replicate terraria, there are things that i want to add, but seem impossible to do. like sensing if there is a title above it or not

Terraria would be a bit smaller. Fact about me: when I was little I obsessed over terraria-_-


what do you mean?

The tiles/blocks would be smaller in size and more pixel like.

So wait, terraria, multiplayer?

eh, i'm not trying to create a clone tho

I never said anything like that


but i am going to try and clone this...


no, look at the gnomes :joy:

Nice project. Two little nitpicks: (1) You should use a generic-if or FOREVER script to check for the slider changing, so you can update the biome name watcher without waiting for the green flag. (2) "Dessert" is the thing you eat after dinner; you meant "desert." :~)

P.S. Just to make life interesting, there's a third meaning of that word that's spelled like the place full of sand, but pronounced like the end of the meal. :~/

thought I spelt it wrong

...That means "to leave someone or something, to abandon".



I was talking about the second.

Oh, I'd forgotten that one. I meant "what you deserve."

For that I searched define desert as "what you deserve", and I got