Tic Tac Toe!

This is my new TIC TAC TOE game.
Although the Idea originally came from the BJC course I added some of my own editions to make the game more fun in my opinion. It is a two-player game, I mean it's Tic Tac Toe... But Have fun. I really hope you enjoy!
Link To Game

Cool. I suggest starting a new game automatically when someone wins; it's not obvious that the green flag won't reset the score.

Thanks for the suggestion! I updated the code where it should auto start now! Also the code is a little more color coordinated because it looks nice.

When the game restarts, no one can win again.

Yes I'm aware, I was trying to fix a bug and only caused another! xD The beauty of programming... Thanks for your help!

I quickly just updated the code to it's old state, it should work now with only one bug I'm still trying to weed out. Again thanks for your help!

Yo welcome