Thruster Race

Thruster Race is a game made using DevSquare. It is a racing game where you compete against another person. It may sound easy, right? It's not easy.

You have a thruster that you can use to propel yourself forward. But you have a time limit on how long you can use that thruster.

Enjoy my game!

This is a prototype, meaning that some things are not implemented yet. This is just a proof of concept/test to see if people actually enjoy the game or not and to see what the community wants to see in the game. After you play, please let me know what I can improve on and what you want to see in the game. Also tell me if you enjoyed the game or not.

Thruster Race: Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

Controls for the Yellow Player are the L and R arrow keys to look and U arrow key to thrust/move.
Controls for the Red Player are the A and D keys to look and the W key to thrust/move

I used DevSquare 0.3 to make the game in case you were wondering.

Haha I won instantly. Glitch right off the bat.

It's a 2-player local multiplayer game

I know, I still won instantly.

When making games in the future, please let the player know of the controls in the description. (And please do it for this one...)

I can just drag my character.

Oh, let me fix that.

I tried the arrow keys and WASD, but I can only get them to look left/right and not move.

Hold sown the down key

Same result.

Press and hold the left/right key and the up key; a/d and w for player 2.

Holding the up key (with l/r) worked.

Yeah. Weird controls.