Thruster Race - DEVLOG #1

Welcome to the first devlog for Thruster Race!

What is a DevLog? I'm glad you asked! When Game Developers, Software Developers, or Project Developers make changes to their projects, they make a post, or a "Devlog", to notify others about the changes they made! So this devlog, I will talk about the changes I made in my new Racing Game, "Thruster Race"!

The first prototype of Thruster Race was published on August 20, 2021! That was to raise public awareness for the game and to see how well the game would perform!

Some major factors we were looking out for when publishing the prototype was (1) How well the game did, and if playtesters would play it again. (2) How fun the game was. (3) What people think about the game, and if it was too hard or too easy.

Now when I showed this to some of my friends, some of them had complaints about how the Yellow player would have an advantage because the Red player does not move while Gravity is being simulated. This is simply because of how DevSquare physics worked. The Gravity simulation blocks are only for X-Axis Stationary Objects. That means that objects cannot have any Horizontal Movement or Speed during the Gravity simulation. So objects that do have Horizontal Movement or Speed do not conserve their speed during the Gravity simulations.

Now for some updates!

Playtesters kept complaining about how easy it was to beat the game and win. They could simply drag all the sprites. So I changed that so that you can only use controls to move the objects/players.

The platform where the Red player starts is now gone as DevSquare physics cannot simulate kinematic physics (Read above).

People kept complaining about the controls, so I'll put them here so you won't forget:

RED PLAYER: A and D Keys to move, W Key to use Thruster
YELLOW PLAYER: Left and Right Arrow Keys to move, Up Arrow Key to use Thruster

I love dev logs.