This User Is Stealing Other People's Projects!

@themapotakes (Not on the forum anymore for spamming) keeps taking other people's projects and claiming them as his own! He took my custom block project, my project teleporter project, and other people's custom block projects!

I'm not finding your project teleporter project, and you have so many custom block projects I'm not sure what I'm looking for. If you could post links that'd be great.


(He took the blocks inside)

Updated the post to be more clear.

Sigh. Okay, on the first one, his project page says

so the remix history is visible on the page. Yes, project notes would have been nice, but there's no secret about the remix. (He didn't, for example, download your project to his own computer and then import it into a new project.)

For the second one, he credits dardoro for "the xml block." There's a "Load XML String" block; is that the one he means? But the only one of that huge number of grey blocks he actually uses is "Load Updates From." Is that what he allegedly stole from you? That block is in your project, too, but tracing the history of who borrowed blocks from whom in that flurry of "custom blocks" projects is beyond me.

Considering that we enccourage remixing, I'm not seeing a smoking gun here. Maybe you need to fill me in on details; for example, I don't know what you mean by "he took the blocks inside."

They are not even changing the project though, just re publishing it.

No. The grey block is mine. Its from the collaboration Lunar OS.


He took my block I had created for Lunar OS.

Plus I see other peoples custom block projects without credit. Why would he publish them, if he wasn't pretending he made it? This is what makes him suspicious in my eyes. (He also has a poor history on the forum, spamming)

Don't forget Snap Jr (@joecooldoo) and SnapJunior (@themapotakes)