This is copy write

This website is a direct copy of Scratch. Scratch was made before this meaning this is a copy. This even has some of the same sprites! So, follow me if you agree this should be taken down.

Scratch is open source, which means, people have the right to modify it, and create their own distributions. Snap is also open source, but it does not share any code with Scratch. The costumes that were copied from Scratch are the ones that Scratch allowed, basically all the costumes, besides the Scratch mascots (those are off limits). Now yes, the snap mascot (Alonzo) is indeed a modification of Gobo, but the Snap team got permission from the scratch team to use a modification of Gobo.

What's more, is that the snap team has a good relationship with the scratch team (the creator (jens) is actually a former scratch team member).

This all means that Snap is not infringing on any copyright, and the copyrighted stuff that is in snap, they got permission to use.

Plus, Snap is nowhere close to a direct copy of Scratch. They look different, they function differently, and they do not share any code, not even the forum or the community site (home page).

Not to mention

The design of Snap! is influenced and inspired by Scratch,
from the Lifelong Kindergarten group at the MIT Media Lab

There are no following features in Snap!

See the FAQ "You ripped off Scratch!":

there is but nobody (except yourself) can see how many people are following you. if you follow someone you can go to Snap! Build Your Own Blocks to see projects made by users you follow. it was implemented this way so snap doesn't become a popularity contest (unfortunately) like scratch