Thing I found out about the "pick random" reporter

I was working on a fun Snake remake when I found out about this trying to fix a bug with grid positioning


I tried further testing and came up with this script

Snake v1.0 script pic

And no doubt, it actually works. The "pick random" reporter randomly outputs either "1" (true) or "0" (false).

If it reports "1", the "if" block picks up the output as "true" and runs the first "say" block. If it reports "0", the "if" block sees it as "false" and runs the second script.

Hope this comes in handy for people who wanna use it for random stuff :+1:

In snap (and javascript), true is equal to 1, and false is equal to 0. If you put 0 in an if block, it reads it as false. The pick random block just reads true as 1, and false as 0.