The URL Reporter

What can you do with this url block it has been confusing me when I joined snap !
Homework remix script pic (1)

The bHomework remix script pic (1) lock is to create a source code for you. HTML is really a modified version of Javascript.


Fetch the source code

yah but what do you do with it?



You can use the URL block to query data from web-services. Here's a starter project from @jadga that shows how you can use the block to query weather data so you can display it on a map:

Gosh, I'm really hating these threads. Kids, sometimes it's better not to answer if you don't have a clue, rather than to post misleading single-liners such as "fetch the source code" and "ok" or "nothing" that are both wrong and give the misleading impression that this question has been answered.

This forum is meant to be not so much a chat-room but a place where people help each other. Sometimes it's better not to answer a question if you don't know the answer rather than to mislead somebody else.

Thank you for the link/help!

Or not. I know HTML coding now so... It weird that is only reports for Snap ! only reports for snap So I know this... I understand the code...

Well, you can use that block for knowing the HTML, CSS, XML (usually for APIs) and everything else your browser has the capability of showing (probably except for local files).

No, because of the same origin policy. You can only get pages on and pages where the cors header contains

I am pretty sure you can use the split by block for this. I do not know how that works but have seen people making projects with it. (Jens has posted a link to a starter project by Jadga above.)

How would the split block help with the same origin policy?

It wouldn't. But these days you can find sites that allow all sites to use CORS.

You misunderstood me. It's not the split block. It's sites such as

Ok. Snap should add their own of that, and they should also use it for loading images.