The "url" block isn't working

Hey guys, been a while since I was on here, but I have a question:
why isn't the "url" block working?
I tried putting in but it didnt work!
Does anyone know why?


untitled script pic

It's because of cors policy. You'll have to use some cors proxy to get urls.

whats cors

Basically it’s a polocy that blocks almost all internet requests outside of the current url you are viewing

And while it is annoying, the internet would be absolute chaos without it

You’ll need an api key to acess most websites via the url block, that’s why we have the web services acess library

so how do i use the GET block though?

That’s for you to figure out :wink:
If you have a spefic use case in mind I may be able to help you get an api key

i'm trying to get data from

Ah, I’m not exactly sure about the scratch api but I’ll see what I can do

I misspoke earlier, you don’t need just an api key you also need to format the request correctly to comply with Cors, the way to do that is beyond me however

This works (for me now)
untitled script pic - 2023-10-30T122437.840

but no free CORS proxy tends to last very long


im sorry, but this annoys the absolute flip out of me

the only reason i know how to use that block is experimenting with postman and headers and stuff, because i literally could not figure out how to use it.
If someone were to have just told me cough joecooldo cough how to use it originally, i would've saved hours of wasted work

excuse me?

In that context I was saying it as in they have to come up with usecases in projects, I wasn’t saying they had to figure out themselves

how do you us it?

i forgot who but i think it was you, i asked repeatedly how to use and no answer never given


so its a bit confusing but i cant explain atm, but i will try to make a post how to use the advanced url block with headers and body and such later

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