the sound is crazy

Compare these examples of code.
untitled script pic-4
untitled script pic-5
They should do exactly the same. But if you listen to them, the first one makes weird sounds, while the second one just layers the sound up.

they do the same thing, also I think the second one would be slower because it has to get the sample rate of the sound before playing it, whereas the first on just plays the sound.

running both scripts sound identical on my Mac...
(hey, do you know why there's no sound in space? Because SpaceX runs on Linux :smirk:)



I still love Linux! :upside_down_face:

of course, I was taunting you. @bromagosa will not give up Linux even if he were to be hired by SAP :crazy_face:

Well, once you've tasted actual freedom you can't go back to living behind Gates and closed Windows :wink:

(I wouldn't fall for the poisonous apple either)

Haha, I knew you'd find the right words :nerd_face: