The Snap!Con 2022 Schedule is Now Live!

Hi everyone!

We are excited to share the full program for Snap!Con! We can't wait to see you all later this week!

An Overview of the Snap!Con Schedule

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Schedule Overview

Each day, we'll have roughly four hours of sessions, with plenty of breaks in between. This years plenary sessions will share updates about what's new in Snap! 8, a look back at how we got here, as well as some of the many different ways Snap! is being deployed in classrooms around the world.

Show Your Project Session

The 'Show Your Project' session returns on Sunday, for a face-paced round of project demos. Demos are only three minutes long, so there's room to submit your own project.

Set Your Schedule Timezone

We've now added the ability for you to view the schedule in your timezone. Simply set it on your user profile profile page when logged into Snap!Con.

Or read the spreadsheet.

Looking forward to seeing you this week!

— The Snap!Con Team


Thanks for this overview.

Is there any info about local arrangements - I'll be in Heidleberg - should I be contacting someone?

Jens and Jadga will be sharing details tomorrow, I believe.

What hashtag should we use on social media?

[edit] I've seen that it's #SnapCon22 :slight_smile:

Can the ohyay Hallway track be opened a bit early please? :slight_smile:

[edit] - thanks :slight_smile:

A little secret, but the ohyay rooms never close. :slight_smile: Occasionally, I do change the passcode before the next event.

Schedule display looks a little odd today

Just a short recap of yesterday;

Blown away with the new PNG - metadata feature. My students are going to love this. Let's see if we can the technology a little with importing via PNGs.

@xota raised a valid point yesterday. Where does Snap*!* stop, and another language takes over. When and where should a student move on? Interesting subject, also a valid discussion for other programming languages and environments.

The lightning talks are always fun. Thanks, @jadga, for hosting and guiding them. The students gave great insights into their learning, and their vision of solving problems was great! With just a few tools and great homemade artwork! It will be fun to watch what they build next. The simplicity of their solutions are inspiring. Teaching's fun!

The quote of Thomas Watson came to mind;

All the world's problems could be settled easily if man(kind) were only willing to think. The trouble is that man(kind) very often resort to all sorts of devices in order not to think because thinking is such hard work.

That's intentional - it's overlapping / happening at the same time. :slight_smile:

em - but how can it take place in the same room at the same time?

I love these questions. In some senses you always need to ask Why move on? What's the goal?
If you can keep exploring fun things, why change unless there's some other reason? (I mean - a job is a fine reason if that's what its really about)

But I think we should also probably highlight some of these things are not really for (Most of) our students. They're for building things for students and making it easier to build extensions without resorting to JavaScript.

It's not a question of why move on. I love the 'does it run doom'-proof of concepts. It pushes things forward. And that is part of the fun. Students enjoy the PoCs to play with. One of the challenges with moving on is keeping the bar low for new students (or even lower when we understand how they use the interface). And it's key for a teacher/educator to know when to change the language. That's the real challenge. We could do a statistical analysis, but we have R. We could do XYZ, but we have ...

The BJC program is great, and with some tinkering, we could offer students a way forward. 'this concept in Js is similar to this in Snap!'. 'See how the loop works in Js, in Snap! we would use these blocks'.

Let's continue the fun of the conference. We're so lucky with this active community. And I'm looking forward to the next doom-like application :slight_smile:

I've registered for the abroard NVidia session taking place at Heidelberg today but not received an email with a username/password that I need to use in OpenVPN session

Pressed the resend email button but nothing has arrived - and yes, I have checked my Spam folder :slight_smile:

I've not received an email and the sound was quite distorted coming from the session so I've baled on it

Will there be a way for paid registrants to access recordings of sessions they were unable to view at the time?


We post the videos publicly, but it usually takes a little while. We'll send everyone an email when we do.