The simplest possible reaction time test.

Click "Run + Pause" as fast as possible.
My best time so far: 65 ms :wink:
Link to the project.

The simplest possible reaction time test script pic

I got 173 ms in the first time
my best is 98

Touchpad or mouse?

I can't remember, because I have both on my computer and I generally use one when I can't be bothered to use the other one. I think I was using a mouse

I think that's just a hand-eye coordination test. Reaction time tests involve things like clicking as soon as something happens at random intervals (i.e. GO button appears or the color changes).

My third attempt...

But my keyboard helped me :cowboy_hat_face:



Well, 27 ms. Have fun watching me click the space between the green flag and pause button, because I do it a lot.

300! :frowning_face:

Yes, you're... right. But if we think about it, there are no actions, just reactions to some command/stimulus (external + internal). In this case, we want to "react" as soon as possible to our own first "action". What about "repetitive motion rate"? :wink:

Hahaha...hacking the test :joy:

No need to hack the test! To trigger the green flag just do Control+Enter, to trigger the stop button press Esc :slight_smile:

Hi @bromagosa,
I tried, but neither "Control+Enter" nor "Esc" work (Windows + Chrome).

Control+Enter needs to be Right Control+Enter (puzzles me why), and they will both only work if you're inside the editor, not in full screen mode.

I forgot mentioning that I only tried in the project site.

Yep. Won't work there, either. Only in the editor.