The Search + OST!


This is the horror game "The Search" by Shadow Studios.

This is not my version of the game, but it has the Official OST that i made for it that took weeks, it has the title music, and @shadowmeowmeow32 if you want the full OST, ill upload a project containing snippets.

Here you go.

(I own all the rights to the Main Menu)

Snap! Build Your Own Blocks (

Follow up, if you are thanking me or saying it is good, clarify if your talking about the OST or the game. Thank @shadowmeowmeow32 for the game and thank me for the ost.

what is an OST?

Original Game Soundtrack


I like the creepiness effect you gave it.
You should make another loop for the actual game.

I really like the song!
for me this script works better for looping the music:
The Search _ Full Game script pic

edit: how did you make the song? did you use a music editor?

FL Studio for mixing, i got the instruments through a pack

Thanks! i have like 10 full length songs for it

Well shadow is gone so

Thank you for the ost!

This but with the full songs if possible

Ok, ill upload it later


when is later..

Sorry today was my last day of school so ill get to it later tomorrow

actually im not but ok

How long is tomorrow

June 2nd (Tomorrow) has 24 Hours

He sent the message 6 days ago though.

I'm pretty sure what cookieclicker33 is talking about is sladescar's message that was 6 days ago.

it was a joke, they said they would get to it later tomorrow but its been 7 days and nothing