The search fangame topic (Part 1)

Because shadow is gone and they don’t want us discussing it on the topic I made this

ill still be keeping my eye out

@xx_pax_xx here

Okay so I’m doing something a little devious

Remember how I said I wouldn’t work on chapter 2 or the spin-off?
Well I’m technically not

I’m working on a prototype chapter 3. All original code and everything all made by me

Yo I'm here.

-_- really dude

It isn’t exactly official, just something that happens to use the same characters and story as the original

And gameplay style. And dev team

Basically it’s not a game in the search franchise
Is a game in the search chapter 3 fanchise

Very different

as long as you don't publicly release it should be fine

Bruh it’s not cannon so it doesn’t matter
It’s not even official it’s basically a fan game Mae by someone who just happens to be an official developer

Like halo on the Atari 20600, it’s a fan game but it was made by someone who worked at Microsoft and on the halo series

the creator of halo 2600 had permission

Aha, but that’s the thing

I give MYSELF permission, now that shadow is gone it does make some sense that I would be the new person in charge

I was the first to help shadow
I’m basically lead developer at this point
I’m the most active on the thread

Even if not, still I have some authority and I hereby state that all fan games are allowed to be published and cannot be taken down by us unless they are offensive in some way

Even if I’m not in charge. It doesn’t matter because the game isn’t official and it doesn’t change the story of the main game.

As well as it applied to the “if I was already working on it I’m allowed to finish it” I had created the very basics of the game before then so technically it was already in development

Okay I’m stopping myself before things get outta hand.
I officially promote @clowestick as the leader until shadow comes back

i will not take any part in this besides revising the end result

You should be the leader cause this "fan game" you speak of is your idea. Second of all, nobody is stopping you. You are allowed to make remixes and fan games all you want. Prohibiting people from making projects or remixing is prohibited. So it doesn't matter If you make fan games based off of other games.

So hi guys anyways I'dont mind you working on the prototype but only you are working on it if you have people helping it's basically just working on the og game


Yea that’s what @clowestick was doing
Attempting to stop me from using my own assets
Here’s the parts I made

Nice but yes ty but you're only working on implements for the game right like things for the game not the actual game? Doesn't matter but good prog

Where you guys making a surprise for me but tore half of the team apart and now pax is gone becaus he left ahhhhhhhhh I can't handle all this at once it's bad enough my life isngoing on ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh