The script & the () block

I just recreated these blocks. I tried to recreate their behaviours so the blocks are similar to the BYOB ones. These are examples of how to use them:

The script

The () block

untitled script pic (20)

untitled script pic (21)

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this looks pretty accurate, only problem

Yes, I noticed that when I was making the block. This is a problem I can't solve sadly, because it will report itself indefinitely.

Did the BYOB the script block really absorb REPORT like that?

I can see how that would be a problem but I think your way is how it basically works in byob



Boy my memory is really going.


And if , then

untitled script pic (26)

Oh, right, that's why. Now I remember. Thanks.

Those were the days, when we were first inventing visual representations for hairy ideas.

Yes, untitled script pic (28) and untitled script pic (29) were cool blocks.