The PVZ project

Hello, I want someone to cooperate with this project. I can't handle the many major bugs and lack of animations and functionality this remake has.

Anyone who is interested to participate in this PVZ project. Most likely knows PVZ with a ripped copy or is a newbie. Anyhow, for newbies, use this video for reference: Plants vs. Zombies [PC] FULL Walkthrough - YouTube

The link for the project and previous versions: PVZ Snap! edition - Google Drive

Post your updates and optimizations in the replies section

Maybe make it easier to load? Like loading the images and audio from dropbox when the project first starts up?

but- its already easy to load, and takes 9 seconds

And its harder to load it off the internet and takes a lot of requests to load the entire game

I have to load google drive which takes a long time for me (we don't have super good internet) and it does load I'm already doing something else.

I can't seem to get past the main menu. Is there something I'm doing wrong?

main menu is accessible, can you test it again and send me a screenshot of what happened?