The "pen" Code

  1. Hi! so I kinda need full instructions on how to make my player be able to use their mouse to make the pen actually work. For more details its a word search so i want them to be able to circle the words?

  2. I also want to know if theres a way to revert their mistake that they possibly made on accident without having to remove everything with the clear code?

Thank You!

  1. goto-mouse

  2. I think the easiest way is to remember PEN TRAILS (pen menu) and if they made a mistake just have a sprite saved-trails

Hi! thanks for the help but its still a little unclear, So whats happening is that when I press down on the pen to draw or circle my word search it works and sometimes doesn't. Im very confused of that.

When you say "it works" what do you mean exactly? It draws on the stage?

So The pen draws lines or makes clear marks, like a normal pen should. But sometimes it just doesn't work or won't do anything but a little dot.

You'll have to share the project. I can't picture what you're describing.