The old phone

My new project: The old phone

Keyboard controls:

Mouse controls:
Click the handset
Click the notebook
Click the numbers

You can click the notebook to view your directory

you can call any number on the list

you can call any number
(according to the phone number mask:

v1.0 :
....First draw
....Adding dialing sound
....Adding mouse control
....Fix minor bugs
....Call directely from the notepad
....Dialer exchange
....Handset exchange
....2 easter eggs

Cute! I still have one of those phones in the closet.

This isn't a finished project, clearly; you have sounds that you're not using, for example. And I expected to be able to click on a number in the notebook and see it dialed.

Speaking of sounds, you shouldn't just have a 22-second string of dialed digits; you should have one click, and repeat that sound n times when dialing n.

(Next project: Build a step-by-step phone exchange to go with it, made out of Strowger switches, correctly simulating selectors and connectors.)

Thank you

I know, this is the v1.0
v1.1 --> dialing sound
v1.2 --> dialer module exchange ()
v2.0 --> game mode

Q: Did you call your number ?

Looking forward to play with it.

I couldn't figure out how to click on a number in the notebook.

(close the notebook (small))
With your keyboard: pick up the handset with up arrow, dial numbers 0-9 listen the message and end up with down arrow

Now in v1.1

What new :
....Adding dialing sound
....Adding mouse control
....Fix minor bugs

Gosh, it's been a long time since I've heard those dialing sounds! But I remember them well; they're correct in both directions (dialing and letting it spring back).

You have a debugging setting that prevents dialing 1 from working.

This just reminded me that the en-US TTS is terrible.

?? i don't understand...

dialing 1 is like dialing all other number

(did you finally listen to your refrigerator ?)

they are all terrible in my opinion! hahaha

If you press up arrow then dial 1 it doesn't work. It works if you click the 1 thing, but not if you press the 1 key.

Yes. Funny! Never gonna have a smart fridge, though.

Now, you can call directely from the notepad

Little bug with the notepad: if i click once on the notepad and i click again during it growing up. The animation stop. and i can't redo the animation after because my animation flag is true... i don't understand why...

If someone could help ! Thx

Wherever I click in the notebook, it calls you! I don't know why; the variable with the position where clicked is set correctly.

If I hang up the phone after dialing a number, it should just stop everything, but instead it continues to play ring tone followed by the appropriate answering machine message.

Your, already pending, click handler is abruptly stopped, in inconsistent state, because of the reentrancy policy. Better to manually block second call with semaphore than allow Snap to disrupt the current one.
untitled script pic (19)

Thank you, it's working... i add this after the launch block:

My error: corrected