The official GLIDE _ IN _ SECS EASING _ block (from Animation Library) update request

I was trying to remix this project by using some animation 'easing' blocks, but when I tried using the 'glide _ in secs _ easing _' block (the one from official Animation library) it drew an unwanted 'zig-zag' pen trails, so playing with it, in order to prevent that, I needed to update the block's definition - see the updated block definition's image.

You can see it at work in this remix.
@jens could you replace the definition in the official library, too?

Ya the lines are a bit wobbly.

Well, what I had in mind was the existing definition of this block (from official Animation library)

It makes zig-zag lines because it separately sets X and then separately sets Y (see the printscreen below)

And below is how the zig-zag lines look like.

Oh, the lines are wobbly for me