The Night Shift

I'm working on a new horror game called "The Night Shift", and I'm looking for anyone that can code or do graphic design. Message me here if you would like to help!

Yea I can lolz

Could you please provide some information on what the game will be about and how it will play?

I have some ideas

Well, the premise of the game is simple. You're an employee giving people orders via drive thru. Each Night you have different tasks, like mopping the bathroom, catching rodents, taking out the trash, et cetera. I want the game to slowly get more and more creepy, so add whatever you can to make it do... that.

Hit me with em.
Here's the Menu Screen.

Morning everyone.

What if there’s literally a night shift
Like a day night cycle where you have to get things prepared for night time or something

Ooh, I like that

I just don’t know how that could be implemented

Oh. good point.
We'll figure it out eventually.


Hello! I can surely make a room for it, possibly it could have a small Easter egg inside of chapter 2 as like a flyer or something.

Ooh, yeah.

It wasn’t actually that had to make the system for seeing how long the player was away

Can you make a “letters from (1) to (3) of (text)” block
I need it



Oh. I already made one, but we could use yours.