The newest hit game on snap space land galaxy update

space land is a space empire game where you click on buildings to make them. there is an in-game tutorial for new players, and over 30 different buildings to unlock. can you make your civilization thrive?

in the galaxy update after you unlock rockets. you get more resources, but every time you launch a rocket there is a one in a hundred chance that you can go to a new galaxy, but you need to be careful because once you type yes. you unlock new buildings, but your old ones still produce materials, but you can't make more. so build up materials and building so you can do good late game

project link

search space land on snap

Cant you just share the link
And is it really a hit? Ive never evan seen this game before

i'm not good with links


does this work. also there is some lag that i'm trying to fix.

also, it's just a hit with my friends. I don't know if others like it but I hope they do.
tell me if I need to fix anything

Thanks, but each project has its own URL. Your update is here:

Sure thing!

Here are some things that could be added/fixed:

  • Make it so hovering over a factory button (the one that creates the factory) shows the type of factory
  • Hovering over the buttons to the right of the screen shows what the button does

Also, hit the Reply button right underneath someone else's reply, so they get notified. If you did it correctly, you should see this:
Screenshot 2023-03-13 084643

Thanks for the info I’ll make sure to add those also did you like it


I added what you asked for

just so you know every update I make a new project so people can play old versions.

also try my other games I worked very hard on them to

I am adding what people say so tell me what to add and I will add it.

now adding upgradable buildings

lag has been fixed

The possible problem is that you haven't shared the project.Click share and then publish in the open menu after you have selected your project.

what do you mean