The new Snap! 7.0 BETA

the 7.0 doesn't look like that in the real font:
here is how it looks like in the real font:
yeah, very different.

Thanks!!! :smile:

Well, concept look good however, only some of your suggestion may ever come. Also, the alonzo sprite is identical to my version I made here. Nice work on this.

Welcome to the forums, @hm100. Nice pfp!

Thank you!!! :grin:

Ooh, looks cool. I think the updated UI/block appearances and a messaging system aren't to come (I think I've seen both mentioned in the FAQ).

Btw the Scratch font I think is called Black Boys on Mopeds and is copyrighted or something, which is why I believe it was removed from 3.0, read more here. idk take my words with a grain of salt as I'm usually not very up to date/properly informed on these things.

Otherwise looks pretty fancy :slight_smile:

Thanks for the comment!!! :+1:

no problem, it's a really good presentation with really good concepts! :+1:

me too, but i started in scratch 2 so scratch 2.0 looks fine, but i really really don't like scratch 3's design. Scratch 3 looks like something targeted towards 4 year olds or something

wwwwwwwhat??? the stage is on the left!

the block are bigger since scratch wanted compatibility on tablets.

i grew up with the stage on the left, also almost nobody uses scratch on phones or tablets, i tried scratch on tablet and it looks good but on a computer it looks childish

i agree, mesh is pretty useful

I like scratch 3.0's design.. and the stage on the right.. :slightly_frowning_face:

There is a browser extension you can download for free that provides a dark mode for Scratch 3, idk if I should link it or not but ig that would be offtopic

But I think the shape of blocks in snap is still nice and I might like to see it kept.

turbowarp has dark mode, and other stuff, and i tried snap on tablet and it works great, so there wouldn't really be a reason for the block shapes to change

you added two p's in the speech to text and the text to speech

plus text to speech is already in snap! (its in the libraries) and translate, weather, video and AI isn't that useful

Maybe they're referencing that the 'Build a Category' button can be used to make categories, and aren't implying that they would be added?

edit: looking further, I can see there's no delete a category button, which means they're either meant to be canon or that deleting categories isn't a thing
edit 2: never mind, I realized maybe you could right-click categories to delete them

yea but i don't understand how the build a category will work. Will it want you to type in the category name and set the category color?

ah, ok

that's true

thats false

i don't know anybody who uses scratch on a tablet, so i said that almost nobody uses it on a tablet

I've never understood that argument. Plenty of websites behave differently on desktop and mobile, why not Scratch? Just make a block size setting and have it default to a larger number on tablets.
Not picking on you, you were just the first one to post that.