The Mods of the community website should change project names in an effort to make them less misleading

Did you see that many projects on the community website have misleading names?

My suggestion would be that the Mods of the community website should change project names in an effort to make them less misleading.

For example; This is 100% not a gif:

It should be renamed to something like "avocado gift" or "avocado animation".

How does this effect the site in any way? This would just make more work for moderators, especially since no one can say what is misleading and what isn't.

I agree. @theeric132 and @mrfluffypenguins I dont think it does affect the site in any way. Other than people will be clicking on incorrect sites when they think it is actually something else. On second thoughts, I personally dont think that this would take much time as also it would give moderators and ya know, like, the chiefs of Snap! more time to properly go through peoples projects and work and then give constructive criticism about it. So do you know what, @theeric132? I kinda think you have a nice idea!

The heads of Snap!, moderators, like @bh, @jens, @cycomachead; what do you think?


If I were going to change project names, I'd probably start with all the ones with "poop" in the title.

But I really don't want to override the names you (all Snap! users, not just you who've commented in this thread) give your projects. That seems needlessly authoritarian. If we have an issue with a project we'll unshare it and tell the user to fix it.

Even here on the forum, I've changed the category of a thread fairly often, but hardly ever the title, except for a few cases in which a newbie used a title that conveys no information, e.g., "Snap! bug" in the bugs category.

We do review projects, to look for ones to feature. That's mostly not me; Bernat does a lot of it, and I think Jens and Jadga do too. But if you want a critique of a project, share it in the forum.

please don't say criticism, say feedback.

ok, but constructive criticism means the same as feedback, doesn't it? but ok, i'll use feedback from now. :slight_smile:

Same here lol

But yeah, I agree. It would be too authoritarian. Yes.

How do you mean by featuring them?

Featuring gets it to be on the front page, under the featured projects section.

well, when you say criticism, it sounds like you're saying bad things about something. I think feedback sounds less mean.

It's true that a lot of people think "criticism" means negative criticism, but technically what it means is a careful, well-informed, and unprejudiced analysis. (Consider the fact that news media have theater critics, film critics, and so on.) So you're both right. :~)

If the mods of the community website are going to change project names, then what would happen to PYOP (poop your own poop)?

(groan) We're not.

This is a bad Idea, because some mods don't know what the word in some projects mean, and they take it out because it doesn't seem to fit right.

for example: I call all short music animations "animation memes", but if the mod removes the word "meme", it will then be in some peoples POV, a very long animation, and the animation isn't even a full minute long.

So....that is how you basically make it more confusing....and it will ruin EVERYTHING and make the project seem what it isn't.

DO NOT, and I repeat....DO this.

They aren't.