The "message" reporter block

i can't seem to find the message reporter block in snap, but the book im reading (learn to code anything!) says i need it. i need help and soon!

Shift+click the :snap: logo in the top-left of the editor, click Switch to dev mode, and the [scratchblocks](message :: control)[/scratchblocks] reporter is near the bottom of the Control category.

Not at computer at moment, but if you checkout the Snap! Manual you should find updated information on the current behaviour of broadcasts.

The book you're reading sounds outdated. The message reporter has been depracted, so you shouldn't need to use it. What is the book telling you to do?

You guys should show the OP what to do instead!

Click the arrowhead at the right end of the WHEN I RECEIVE block, so instead of
untitled script pic
it looks like this:
untitled script pic (1)

The first item in the DATA variable will be the message.

IF you sent data with the message. The DATA variable is just the message you sent when no data was sent.

Oh yeah you're right. I argued with Jens about that but didn't convince him, so I guess I want to forget how it actually works. :~)

Not really...
For "any message" data is a list of (subject,value) if sent with the broadcast.
For a given subject there is no "subject", only data, if sent.



Yes, I know the behavior has changed over the years. The message reporter used to also report the target if there was any (it was also a hidden feature then).

edit: Oh, this is what you meant.

I actually didn't know about this behavior.

this is the one that worked. thank you so much!

What is the book telling you to do?