The latest and greatest game on snap explore land

explore land is a 2d version of minecraft with over 20 items 8 biomes and constant updates the newest being the ability to save please give ideas for items biome or functions

here is the link Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

added day night cycle

ahahaha, it's so weird that it's funny)) (no negativity))

I’m so happy you like it after I finish reworking space land I’ll give this thing a much needed update

I'm going to release a game on Snap! and it's going to be even BETTER than this! [Insert TrollFace Emoji here]

you can post pictures on here

I know, I just didn't want to...use up storage on my computer.

im sorry but this is broken

are you talking about the game ?



what broke

the tutorial seems broken, it stops right after you break your first tree, i don't know how to build, i don't know how to craft, nor even mining the ground and i don't know if i can go to cavern layer
also, you can move left or right while falling, but not while jumping
i'd like to mention the fact that the player can fly but maybe it's just creative mode, but if so, then i don't understand why there is a "health" variable

yeah, this

yeah those are some bugs I’m fixing
and also the tutorial only goes to mining your first tree I am working on expanding it