The Lambda Computer(simulator)

(Continuing discussion in Lambda Calculus Bounded Storage Machines)

You have to pop one of the kernels in(dull kernel by default),extend the standard library,and code something in the "code" to make it run.

In the "code" variable,there should be a function which takes the input list and gives the output list.
You can look at the kernels to see how the input list and the output list works.

(i know that without modifications this isn't very powerful as opposed to Zot or Unlambda,it can't even output Hello, world!(or it can but is cumbersome and you have to type a lot))

But can it compute factorials? That's the canonical test.

If it could do predeccessor and Y combinator,which again hints the lack of standard library length

(add is λm.λn.mλn0.λf.λx.f(n0fx)n or (l.m (l.n (m (l.o. (l.f (l.x (f (o (f (x n)))))))))),
pred is λn.λf.λx.n λg.λh.h (g f) λu.x λu.u or (l.n (l.f (l.x (n (l.g (l.h (h (((g f) λu.x) λu.u)))))))),
Y is (l.f (l.x (x x))(l.x (f (x x)))),
isZero is λn.nλx.λx0.λy.yλx.λy.x or(l.n (n (l.x (l.a (l.y (y (l.x (l.y x))))))))

(oh,and the input is in unicode,so its another level of difficulty if you want proper inputs and outputs in the "dull" kernel)

(Y (l.f (l.x (((cons (succ false)) ((* x) (f (pred x)))) (zero x))))


More snappedly:

and it works?

Is there a reason why the snap version works while the lambda version doesn't?(its in the project you can go and inspect it)


Have I mentioned that I don't read the messages that the forum sends me? And also, can't I spend an hour off the computer?

I really don't want to debug your project. I have plenty of real work that I'm already not getting done. Get someone else to work on it with you. By the time you explain the code to them, you'll probably have seen the bug yourself.

Sorry, I don't mean to discourage you. I'm just past my limit.

hmm?maybe i didnt see that



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