The just because "Scratch has it" feature requests need to stop?

To be honest this place is slowly fading away because of Scratch feature requests, maybe Snap! should use more original features, not only just Scratch features?

I know I made some feature requests that have a Scratch feature, but that was mainly for the Costume Editor and not just because "Scratch has it" I simply just wanted a good Editor tool that can be easier for me and other young Snap! coders to make a very detailed drawing!

To be honest it kinda annoys me when people need something on a website just because another site has it, they should create their own things(The things that make them unique).

Also, if you want a feature that is only on Scratch, just go to Scratch and do the coding and stuff, and then use the Snapinator to publish your work on scratch here!
People should stop trying to make Snap! an exact copy of Scratch.

I had an opinion stuck in my head that I just had to get out and tell all of you. This isn't Scratch, and Snap ! shouldn't be an exact copy of Scratch....thank you for reading my comment. And please don't be mad at me for my own opinion, this didn't take forever to type just for you to get mad at me.

(Yes I did take this from a comment I did, mainly because I felt like this had to be noticed somewhere else in a different topic, one made by me.)

I honestly don't know if this should be in "Meta" or "Politics"....

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Probably Feature Requests.

Not mad at you at all, but... have you read in the manual about recursive functions, higher order functions, anonymous procedures, continuations, or sprite inheritance? Or nesting sprites, as we discussed when you had the problem about attaching arms to your costume. We wouldn't put all the effort we do into Snap! if it were just a copy of Scratch.

I think one reason you haven't seen all the differences is that, apart from nesting sprites, they're not about pictures or sounds. They're about more abstract ideas: how to do something to every item in a list, how to sort things in a list, how to develop strategies for games such as Mastermind. Sometimes these ideas intersect with graphics, such as drawing a fractal tree, but mostly not.

If you'd like a slower tutorial introduction to these ideas, you could work through BJC. It's a yearlong course, but you don't have to get all the way through it to learn a lot.

I would do it, but the link is blocked by admin.

Yeah, but this topic is mainly about people Feature requesting for Scratch things just because Scratch has it, and its starting to get annoying to me because that is the only reason why they want it, "because Scratch has it". And we need to think about other things that Snap! needs that Scratch doesn't have, or even better, things that no other coding website has.

Hmm, maybe I should change the title of this....yeah good idea!

I decided to do "Feature Requests -- Snap!" I feel like it would fit better in "Politics" though....oh well.

Top of my wish list is macros, i.e., the ability for a program to write new code -- to construct a script that would then be part of the project. Also a bunch of things to improve support for debugging. And the ability to make a rich text box as a kind of costume, with text readable and writeable both by the program and directly by the user. Those are the big things; I also have a bunch of small things that I should just do myself probably, like penerase mode that undoes lines you drew as you move the sprite over them.

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That sounds cool!