The Impossible Platformer

I made a cool platformer! It's incredible difficult, hence the name. Give it a try! And if you beat it, let me know!

(It can be quite laggy sometimes, so be aware of this.)

Won with 28 deaths in 5 minutes and 56 seconds.

Dang, nice!

Thanks! Took a few tries, but I eventually did it! I bet you can't do better.

I did >:) 4 minutes, 46 seconds, and 24 deaths. I got it a while ago. I have a screenshot, if you want proof.



wow pretty cool but lvl 3 is impossible XD

Impossible? You mean the "Getting Over It" one?


It's more just very challenging than impossible. Level 3 actually taught me how to make longer jumps.

I went inside the code to give myself higher speed and jump height and it was still hard because I didn't know where I'd land. Not by standing at the very edge of the platform, but by moving forward a little after you start falling. Next I'll try to slow absolutely everything down so you don't need to time it so well.

Huh, all I needed to do was turn on visible setting and it's already TOO slow. I didn't even need to drag the slider.