The global variable watcher is missing a menu when Stage is full screen

This menu


doesn't appear when right clicking when Stage is expanded. This one, however, does appear


yes, that's intentional, same as preventing watchers from being dragged in presentation mode, but not from being resized. If you insist I can offer to also disable the list ops menu.

I think it'd be a good idea to remove the blockify option in presentation mode (why is it even there in presentation mode?)

In Variable watchers do not move in presentation mode you give the rationale for disabling dragging as "that is the official intended behavior for variable watchers, in part so you can use the sliders without accidentally dragging the watchers around" - I imagine that accidentally right clicking a watcher is much less likely than accidentally dragging one.

Here's my use case. I want my program to ask the user to drop a file on the project and then after I've processed the data to save the modified file. The first part works fine in presentation mode while I don't know another way to have the user save the modified data.

Ah, that use case makes sense to me. It might be worthwhile to actually make a block that programmatically saves the processed data as a file, so you don't have to ask the user to do it. The current mechanism in the IDE was implemented by @cycomachead, you might want to have a look at
IDE_Morph >> saveFileAs()
and maybe call that method. Does that make sense?

Thanks. Using saveFileAs makes sense and results in a better interface.

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