The forums keep freezing

Whenever I decide to hover my mouse over a link or scroll down/up, it freezes and I have to reload, and my internet is fine.

Anyone else having this problem?

Now it's even worse, whenever I try to comment/reply it freezes



I think this is a forum bug because my wifi is completely connected and on(I literally have my wifi next to me), and I am not having the same issue on other websites.

My computer isn't usually slow on Snap!.


Okay, im good to reply now.

Okay, now I'm having the problem too.

I'm not getting freezing, but I am getting a bit of lag when I scroll, sometimes.

I don't have a slow computer unless it is a bug with the website I am on. This didn't happen to me before.
Other than that, my chromebook runs rather smoothly.

This bug is still happening.

i am also having this problem

i miss the old forums :,( we can only be serious in the new forum

Me too. Uncategorized got deleted.

Someone killed Uncategorized.(I honestly dk who)

Also, the old forums didn't have this bug.

XD Oh gods

You are very smart.

Or not.

It was 37 seconds I had to wait.

there I invited people. lmao

She couldn't verify her account, so she had to make a new one. btw I created a new topic so we can talk there instead of here.

I haven't seen this myself, but I don't quite understand what might have been happening -- has it been good the rest of the day? There was a report about it being low on memory for a bit, which could possibly cause some of the slowness.

Just had about 10 mins of trouble - not seen stuff like this in the old days

That was a different issue caused by a bad update. It should be fixed now.

Yep - all seems fine now :slight_smile:

Yeah, I'm having this problem. Sometimes my cursor rapidly switches between the text selection thing and the arrow thing.
I don't remember this happening on the old forums