The forum propose this to me!

We notice that you have already sent a number of replies (2) to helicoptur. Did you know that it was also possible to exchange direct messages with this person on our site? And Button "Direct message"...

I think admin should desactivate an option...@bh

That's weird. I just got a message saying "invite more people to the conversation", like usual.

This does not actually do anything. If you do click the button, then create a post, it's not a private message, it's public topic. I would assume there would be an option to turn this message off.

? ? ?

i believe they removed it as they dont allow messaging others to talk elsewhere
Let me find the topic

it's not actually in the topic...

Could you rephrase

Yes I know it says that you can send a private message (direct message), but I've clicked the button, sent a message, and it was a normal post. I'm not the only one who's done it though. Other people (I think @mr_owlssssnap2) has tested it out before. None of the tests were private.

you say this...

oh i meant the forum topic which i found

ok thk

yup it was me and you

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