The fill option in the vector paint editor does not work

As it is said in the title, The fill option in the vector paint editor does not work.

Hi Nathalie, the vector editor is strange, I think you first select a fill color using right-click, then you can use the paint-bucket tool (and left-click) to change the fill-color of existing shapes. Please let me know if that doesn't work for you

Thank you for your help @jens but I can't make it work.

hmm, this does work for me, but only on already closed shapes, could that be the issue?

Oh, I just got it ! I didn't proceed the right way. Thank you Jens !!!

One more question about svg, I wonder whether I can't edit this svg image in the Snap vector editor to fix its rotation center. There's nothing when I ask to edit it.

I've just understood what's going on.
The fill option works when you want to fill a circle or a square, but it does'nt work with the shapes you draw by yourself.

yeah, that's interesting, the vector editor is strange...

Still, there are 2 ways you can change the rotation center of an otherwise ineditable svg costume:

  1. Right-shift-click on the costume icon and select "edit rotation point only" - or
  2. Programmatically use the orange set my rotation-x/y block

Does that work for you?

Thank you for those two methods.

But, for the first one, I get this :

I can't change correctly the rotation center because the flower is not completely present in the window.

hmm, again interesting. On my computer it fits into the dialog box and the rotation center by default gets shown in the middle, but - as mentioned before - SVG editing is strange, sorry! Hope the second method at least works good for you

Ok, but I don't know how to do it. Where do I find the way to fix the x oy y coordinates of the center ? Are they refered to the same coordinates system then the Snap*!* window ? It doesn't make sens for me ;-(
ArbreFractal_Vee_test script pic

Yes, the references are the global coordinates. This should make it easy to write programs which use (other) sprites' positions to manipulate costumes.

Oh, this reminds me: The third way to set the rotation center is to right-click on a sprite wearing that costume and to then choose "pivot". This lets you set the rotation center onstage. How about that, does that work for you?

Fantastic !

Phew! I'm so glad we finally got it to work!!

set the rotation x to (my [center x v])
untitled script pic (14)

Oh, I see. Thank you.