The 🤝 emoji doesn't work on skin tones other than default

In the forums, the :handshake: emoji has a weird behavior. If you go to the emoji pane when making a new post, then choose the skin tone other than the gold one, then scroll down to the :hand: hand thing, you'll see this:

How can it be like this? This may cause weird visual bugs: :handshake:t2:
This is not even an image. Can you fix this?

yes, it is

not sure what you're talking about
that isn't an image of a handshake and it's the gold skin tone, neither of those are what ten's talking about as far as i can tell

I have a feeling this is a simple thing that can be fixed, because not all emojis have skintones. I did also figure out the format the software uses to get the images


for the default emoji


for the skintone.

How it works is, it just has the emoji image like this, handshake.png, then for a skintone, it adds /t before .png, e.g. handshake/2.png.

I have a feeling the snap devs could just upload the images to get it to work (and looking at the url, I'm guessing it's the apple emojis). A great place to find the emoji images is emojipedia.

Every understands what you mean, there is no need to repeat yourself.