The earth from the eyes of the Foundation | An SCP world map

A goofy little project im working on its not finished and probably never will. Includes many Foundation Facilities, Nexuses, and SCPs from the SCP universe(s)

Move the camera by using WASD, zoom in and out using Q and E. Pushing space will reveal a "Further research:" list, with links to articles with info on the location

If you have any suggestions for stuff for me to add, reply with it and ill add it

Also, fun fact: I made some images just for some of the markers, they are in a collapsible due to being mostly unrelated

SCP-1678 - Unlondon
Brasil/Hy-Brasil (AKA Nx-03)

SCP-6011 - Flat Earth
FP-01 - Three Portlands
SCP-3081 - H A N D M I L K ™

SCP-093 - Red Sea Object
(all of them use images that are under ccbysa scp licensing team please dont kill me)

Here is some REALLY BIG fanmade site insignia as well



Manna Charitable Foundation American HQ

Manna Charitable Foundation European HQ

Manna Charitable Foundation Asian HQ

Manna Charitable Foundation Oceanian HQ

Manna Charitable Foundation African HQ

Grump, what does this mean? You know what's in your project, and you should know what the rules are.

you know what im just gonna delete the further research list
edit: just deleted it

Version 2 is now out, with SCPs, SCPs, and more SCPs.
check it out