The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

I'm working on a clone/iteration (haven't decided yet) of The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. Here is the link. This demos the very basic gameplay recreated almost exactly as-is in the game, with the movement, combat, room changing, and basic UI implemented. It's quite hard for others to read, as organization wasn't my full priority, but I will be improving readability going forward. WASD to move, Arrows to Shoot.

A few known issues:

  • Knockback is really weird. I have a post up elsewhere on the forum looking for a clean solution to this
  • Nothing can die. This is more just a "yet to be implemented" thing.
  • Tear Shadows appear on the back of Isaac's head while shooting upwards. This is a very messy solution where I need to move the Tear Shadow to the back layer when shooting up, but that causes it to be behind the Controls sprite in the starting room. Still considering how to fix this, but it's not a high priority
  • Hit/hurtboxes are very wonky, specifically, Isaac's tears are awful at hitting Envy and Envy is really really good at hitting Isaac. I'm not sure what is going on with this, and I'm still trying to debug. I have a slight suspicion that it MAY be a bug related to Snap!'s <is touching?> block, but it's more likely a misunderstanding I have in relation to it.
  • Restarting while being damaged (i.e., having iFrames) starts the game with Isaac having iFrames. A non-issue, but gives it a non-polished look. Easy fix I haven't gotten around to yet (just need to set iFrames=0 on green flag click)

A question for Snap! Devs: I would really love to incorporate more of the OST into this game, but music files, as I'm sure you know, are huge. I already converted them from .ogg to .mp3 and compressed them to 70% original size (any lower and very noticeable distortion was audible). I can fit 2-4 more songs in before I reach the 10MB limit. I'm wondering if there's any way for me to expand on this AND keep the project available on the cloud?

Sorry, what are the controls?

WASD movement:
W - Move Up
A - Move Left
S - Move Down
D - Move Right

Arrow shooting: hopefully self explanatory

Oh, thank you.

Not just yet; our cloud storage cost still comes out of Jens's pocket. On our When Things Slow Down™ list is a way for you to use your own Dropbox, Drive, etc. to store your projects but still be part of the community infrastructure. Then you pay for the storage and you can decide how important each feature is. :~)

We're working on a MIDI to TuneScope conversion. It is only in prototype form, but here's the melody line from Genesis (one of the tunes used in the game):

It doesn't have the accompanying chord tracks, etc., but illustrates the potential. When fully realized, the TuneScope tracks will take a fraction of the space of the digitized MP3 version. For a game, this might potentially be an acceptable tradeoff.

Note: the first time that the tune is played, TuneScope must load the digitized sound samples for the instruments used, resulting in a delay of several seconds. Once the sound samples have been downloaded, the tune should play instantly.

its not what is it

arrow keys

ok thanks

probably using some [scratchblocks]primitive [ v] >::grey[/scratchblocks]blocks