The ability to import blocks of code to a different project

We need this, in my opinion. I want the ability to import blocks of code from multiple projects to one project easily, without having to copy the code the hard way.

This would be useful for people who are stuck on how to code something, so they can go to the project with the answer code they are looking for, download the specific stack of code, and import the code from their files to the project they are working on. This would also work amazingly with collabs.

Do you know that you can right-click on any global custom block in the palette and select "export block definition..."? This will save the definition of that block to your computer including all the other custom blocks this one relies on, if any. Afterwards you can simply add it to any other project by dragging and dropping the file into Snap.

Is this what you need?

Well, you could always put all the code into a single sprite, right-click on the sprite, and click "export." Then you could import the sprite into another project and, therefore, also have the code. I'm like 95% sure that's how it works

But that's for a single block, not for a full string of code like this: image

ahh, I see....this I guess, is the solution.....

Hi @funtime_foxy101,

And to export a script, just [Shift]+RightClick over it and then, download script is your option. Just this!

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