TF2 Snap! Remake - Squad Fort [APPLYING CREW]

I am going to be making a full on tf2 remake in the Snap engine. The game will be out in a month or so. If you wish to help, I need coders. And thats it. But you can always give me ideas for the game in the comments as always.

This is NOT a paid position. But I really would appreciate help. Your username WILL be listed in the credits section. Thanks!

Please change this to the collaboration section.
Thanks :slight_smile:

I would be willing to give out some help. I can't be on all the time at a whim, but I'd be willing to spare a bit of code or advice or something if I was mentioned.

i could help, probably not full time though


Nice! Thank you!

Thats great! Thanks!

I'd be willing to help with some stuff.
But first, if people are going to play this game, and online, we'd need a cloud server that would most likely not be blocked in schools because, well, people would play this in schools.

Yeah! I just need to figure out how to make one.