Text tool in editor when

I don't know how hard it is to make a text tool editor but it can't be that hard right? Looks at text based code and go oh no

Anyways it would be revolutionary

a what?
also depending on what it is i have been working on one

i think (s)hes talking about being able to type text in the costume editor
edit: i shouldnt assume gender

Just say "they're" :wink:

Are you talking about text-based coding or a text cool in the costume editor?


or they mean turning Snap! into a text language, like Tosh, which is what I've been working on for a little while now, which is text based Scratch

Obviously talking about a text tool (as the title says) in the costume editor, as in Scratch.

Yeah yeah, we know. Both bitmap and vector editors need a ton of work. I think this is on Bernat's future task list(?)

Ok thanks for letting me know

You made tosh?!

You could add text to a costume with something like this:

write [text]::pen
add (pen trails::pen) to (my [costumes v]::sensing)

Tosh is great but it's not...the best. I tried coding some simple movement code and it didn't really work. The forever loop I put the code in didn't work.

This is amazing! Can we make it its own topic since this one isn't about tosh?

i think they mean that they are

edit: but now that i reread it im unsure

Tosh is text based scratch, so that is probably be the best comparison to a text based snap.

@mr_owlssssnap2 didn't write tosh, not unless he's secretly an alias for Tim Radvan.

Do you guys really need Tosh thing for Snap? If yes, how would you want it to look? I mean, we kinda made it already 3 months ago, but I gave up cuz I have no idea on how to integrate it to Snap editor itself. (I don't know Snap's source code). I guess someone from Snap experts can help me though.

I mean, I have been thinking of creating a text based scratch / snap language that is able to convert to and from the project files (and it would have configuration for what block based programming language to compile to). I was thinking of doing that specifically for hosting projects on github, that way version control can work, and people who don't like block programming can still contribute to a scratch project.

I'm just saying, that's one way you can do it, just convert the text code to a snap project, and then load that in snap.

One of the big use cases for Tosh was to create Scratch programs programmatically. This was especially important before they had custom blocks. In Snap!, that sort of task can now be done within Snap! itself, using metaprogramming. So, I think a version of Tosh for Snap! is a good project to learn from, but I'm not desperate to have it as a practical need.

No- I mean I've been working on something like Tosh for Snap!

The problem: I'm really bad at editing Snap's GUI