Text snap

I isolated the compiler in snappier os 2.1.

  • It's a COMPILER!You will have to call/run it.
  • Same syntax.But the function names are changed:just using labels for blocks is not a good idea.
  • Still doesn't make errors on messy code.It's too hard to implement that or "making errors when compiler doesn't halt".(yeah i can solve the halting problem from this one,the easiest being to make an error if your script compiles>0.3*length,but i'd better not to.)

actually if you remember,this is the instruction set from the os 2.some new updates may be not present in the instruction set.(also calling the sprite related blocks is nonsense but i let you call them too)

I've been running into issues with having the ringed input. If I drag the gobbler block out and then back in, I get
snap text based script pic

I edited the "compile snap code" block and changed the input to an any-type input, and then I didn't run into this issue. Just thought you might want to know about this issue.

ah,right,thats a problem

So, right now I have eight unread new threads in the forum (down from 23 a few days ago) and they're all from you. Ease up.