Text in an upvar

some letters in an upvar are difficult to read (those that exceed below the base(?) of the font):
DefautProject script pic1

1st one is "i" (ok)
2nd one is "j" (problem)

somes lowercase letters are (a little bit) problematic
DefautProject script pic

i think it's a 1 pixel (or 2) affair

They look fine on my computer -Win11/Vivaldi(Chrome based) browser


Look ok in flat design that you are using as well

try to zoom your blocks at 1.4 in the settings (this is my setting)


What computer OS/browser are you using?

firefox, win7

Chrome seem to be ok...

Try these steps. Hope this helps.

  1. It looks like you're on Windows 7. I can't exactly know how do I do this.
  2. Open Start menu.
  3. Click Control Panel
  4. In the search term type "appearance". In the result click ":shield: Adjust the appearance and performance on Windows"
  5. If prompted, click Yes.
  6. Turn on "Smooth edges of screen fonts"
  7. Click OK. If prompted, click Yes.

the problem is still there

What font is your browser/system using?

Times new roman

Look in your browser settings and change the fonts.

no effect in snap, snap use same font for all of us...

(but this new setting affect the forum display)

Try looking up a guide to changing your default system font. Your font looks different than mine.

what browser are you using and what version? most browsers have multiple font settings, not one, and the font on the blocks in your screenshot definitely isn't times new roman


in advanced button

i change the settings to:(no effect)

oh, i found this!

works now
little problem: it change the look of all web pages...

can you translate that piece of text?

Authorise web pages to use their own fonts

FF forces the font size regardless of the page/html/js settings.
Snap! uses Verdana, sans-serif with size = 10*zoom block (14px this time). UI elements are prepared for the 14px font but FF forces 16px font for the text drawing.

in that case

that's normal