Text Exporting doesn't work outside of the editor

Exporting text doesn't work outside of the editor. Here's how to reproduce:

  1. Create a new Snap! project with the following code:

  2. Try to save it to the cloud.

  3. Now try to open that project to the community site.

  4. Press the green flag.

  5. :x: Notice that nothing happens.

  6. Try to press See Code

  7. Press the green flag.

  8. :white_check_mark: Notice that the text exports.

Sigh. We don't support users using PRIMITIVE. Come back if there's a bug in the library that txt_export supports.


Users sometimes like to make their own libraries

Doesn't make sense with

because if they don't support users using PRIMITIVE, THEN WHY LET THEM BE VISIBLE AT ALL!? Libraries count.

No need to shout :slight_smile:

The primitives were added to replace the use of the JavaScript reporter in the official libraries.

They are only designed to be used from those libraries.

They are hidden by default in the IDE but like most things in Snap!, we are allowed to look to see how things are done.

The libraries are supported but direct use of the primitives isn't.

Then either you or @bh explain this.

I thought I just had :slight_smile:

Uhh, no doesn't seem like it.

Which bit is unclear?

You never explained why


It follows from

Since they are only there to be used from the official libraries then it follows that they are not supported when used outside of them

Huh. I interpreted

as AT ALL.

Glad we've sorted out the confusion :slight_smile:

Yeah. Me too.

Geez. "We don't support X" means "we're not interested in bug reports about X." Not "if you do X we're going to come to your house and chop your hands off."

There's a setting to display them because (some of) the people who write libraries are users, not team members.

They are written to do the job needed by the library in question, not to generalize and bulletproof them to do anything a user might ask for.

Is that clear enough?

Geez, I never said you meant that! I just thought you meant "Never do X because only devs can do X, so users are never allowed to do X."

Yeah, that's clear enough for me. I guess I misunderstood.

Yeah I was exaggerating. ;~)

:unamused: Maybe next time, PLEASE don't exaggerate?

Okay, if you'll refrain from yelling next time. ;~P