Text engine issue

Im making a fitness tracker for my university assignment, and I thought it would be cool to add in a text engine rather than the boring old speech bubbles, it seems to have worked well. However in the spaces of the text, it shows the turtle sprite. When I remove all spaces in my text that the code writes out, there are no turtle sprites. For example, "Hey this is a test" would turn out "Hey(insert turtle sprite) this(insert turtle sprite)" so on and so forth. But when i do "Heythisisatest" it writes out exactly "Heythisisatest". So im assuming thats the issue, anyone have any idea on how to fix this? (PS this is my first time on forums so apologies if ive done something wrong). (I wanted to attach pictures but its not allowing me). If anyone does it would be greatly appreciated

Snap! isn't really good at handling blank costumes, so whenever it switches to said blank costume, it will just be a Turtle sprite. Maybe fill in one pixel to help spacing.

Why are you trying to render a space?

Hi! Just to clarify, is the objective for the text, like "Hey this is a test" to be written out on the stage? Like this picture:

By the way, you can upload images by clicking the icon circled in red in the image below

They can't because of new user restrictions.

So i can have a gap between my words, I'll look into doing the filling one pixel to help spacing, but id have to keep a background box behind the text so the pixel doesn't display behind different backgrounds

yes thats right, however i'll be changing the text later on once fixed ofc. I just wanted it to type out like a game.

can you send an example of the code you use?

i tried this and it doesn't leave any turtles in between words

Untitled script pic(2)

You cannot name a costume with just a space or something empty. Try naming your costumes like:


So spaces uses the > < costume, which can be named like that, then:
untitled script pic (2)

...when switching costumes.

Hope this helps!

here is my code, im still a bit lost on how to do so: (i used a tutorial ofc for custom fonts)
ibb .c o /v4NqdKw (put https:// behind it and remove the spaces)
i used a linked since i can't upload images

the reason i assume is because you are using stamp. when your current letter is up to space it should switch the costume to a blank

im not using the pen module at all, just costumes switching

ik. you dont have a costume for space