Text costumes can only be +/- half stage width


I have been doing experiments with the very nice text costume feature. I like it a lot! Unfortunately, it seems impossible to make a text which covers more than half the stage size.
e.g. With the default stage size of 480 px wide, if you try to make a text costume with the text "012345678" in size 72, you will only see that the text is rendered until half of the 5 character and the resulting costume size is +/- half the stage size.
The workaround seems to be to first switch to a stage which is twice as wide, wait a for a short time, create the costume, and make the stage smaller again.
Even though this is working, it is not an ideal workaround for my project in which I render texts at runtime. It is perfectly possible to change the stage size at runtime, but this is obviously visible.

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Hi @kvhoof,

Using "write text" and then "pen trails", you can only use visible stage area. But you can begin (writing) from the left! And so, you can get full stage width text costumes.


Hi jguille2,

Sorry for the late reply, but thank you for this suggestion!