Test this, please?

Hey, it's me again, GeoKid. Would someone help me out? I have a project here, and I want someone to make sure it works. It doesn't work on my browser; I think it's the limited cloud storage I have, but I want to know if it actually works. Thank you!

It works fine for me. I don't see what "limited cloud storage" has to do with not being able to open a snap project.

All right. Thank you!


OK, I don't know why I said that. Deleting in severe embarrassment...

I've made a few upgrades, and I want someone to test it, because on my browser, it's just not running all the blocks. It's right here.

Which browser are you running?

And and what OS/device?

Hi !

if you press R to draw a rectangle (100,100 for example) and after, you press P to draw free hand, it will display the ask command for the rectangle dimensions...

(test in the embed version)

Actually, never mind. I found a problem.

All right, fixed it!