(temporarely) adding "forever if" block back

I need to (temporarely) add the old Scratch/BYOB "forever if" block back to Snap to allow to my students -that are used to Scratch1.4/BYOB- to use Snap instead of BYOB. The block works fine (I can also save and reopen it) but when I import a BYOB project containing a "forever if" block it gets still converted to forever + if.

I commented these lines out in ypr.js, but it is not enough:

case 'doForeverIf':
// block = [0, 0, 'doForever', [[0, 0, 'doIf', block[3], block[4]]]]
// break;

What am I missing?

I'm not familiar with that code, but looking at what you have here, shouldn't it be

case 'doForeverIf':
block = [0, 0, 'doForeverIf', block[3], block[4]]

or something like that?

Yes, thanks a lot Brian. I hadn't analyzed the ypr.js code in depth (I must admit that I really can't stand this kind of functional javascripting) and I thought that blocks that stayed the same didn't need any specific instruction. Thanks again