Temperature anomalies 1880-2019

Building a graphical representation of the temperature anomalies from 1880-2019.
This was taken from an idea from Antti Lipponen an can be seen on this website.

On top of this representation I like to show the actual year from the variable year I made.
I tried an extra clone to write the year but the year has to be cleared...witch erases everything on the stage. I tried the library Text costumes to [tell] another sprite to switch its costume to the next year...as a result the balls on the stage get smeared out and become blurry.

Here is the project: temp_anomalies

Thank you.

a) use variable displays
b) organize your code cleaner so there is only one script,one clean command,and its on the top of the event loop

I have a block that uses a matrix font to make a costume that doesn't use the pen

It might be useful for you

untitled script pic (38)

Thank you...could you send me your block so I can give it a try?

Thanks, the script is in the image :+1:

the best option for this project would probably be to not use clones, use the main sprite, move it around, and use the pen with that
as a bonus it'll likely run better and will get rid of those halos around the dots if you clear before each draw

(i went and did it myself and since i got stuck on this for a bit i think i should mention it: don't mix up the run block and the launch block)

Thanks everyone, eventually the broadcast block did the trick.
untitled script pic

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