Tell vs Scope

I am not sure whether this is a bug or a feature. When I designate a procedure as "For this sprite only" I am unable to use Tell in another procedure to cause that action to happen. The other sprite cannot "see" that procedure name (which I am fine with) BUT I thought that I could construct a Tell block in the target sprite's script area, then pull it into the other sprite for execution. When I try that, the local procedure name does not get copied with the block. Is this a bug, or is coordination of one sprite's actions by another a Horrible Idea?

Here is a very simple project where I was playing with this:


What block is this? I looked in my Sensing palette (blue) and the only block with an "of" would not allow a procedure name to be inserted as the first parameter. Is it standard or something from a library?

drag it out - change the 2nd dropdown to the name of the sprite - then the 1st dropdown will have your block in it

Oh!! Well, I've learned something about the editor that I had not known. Thank you. This will probably affect me more than being able to use this coordination method. :slight_smile:

Its very useful block to know about but it goes against the general philosophy of setting parameters from left to right

Well, I doubt this is the first time that an implementation detail has violated a norm. Snort!

Why not
TestTell script pic

I don't think how it is run is the issue :slight_smile:

run((pulse gift v)of(gift v))
thats snaps problems
we need all functions to be first class
not just be able to turn them into first class like this:({foo()})

actually it would be more like