Team 1 (Part 2)

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@earthrulerr He is on team 2.

Oof ok.

He has been on team two.

Oh I’m dum.

You wanted me?

Check your website also arnt you on team 1?

I swear you were on team 1, or was it helicoptur?

I'm on team 1..

My brains messed up one second I’m gonna check the list

Oh it was @bubgamer07_bungamer0 who joined :man_facepalming:

ok sorry, also what should we do for our game/project

Also, could I make the vector graphics and (play)test?

Sure, but we need a idea

to ez?

Ok but we need a good text engine

should we make it to have 4 members on each team?

my brother wants to join your team but he has to use my account
( which means you would see me replying but I would not know as much. and if you let him join everyone will be confused cuz I would be on two teams yet its a different person).

Wait... Am I part of the team... ?

Team 2 I guess, team 1’s full.