Taskr OS Public Beta

Taskr OS

After 4 months of work, I Introduce to you: the all-new operating system by Joecooldoo Studios, Taskr OS! (It's spelled like that on purpose)

Taskr OS comes with these features Out of the Box:

  • Pre-built apps :clapper:
  • Multitasking :chains:
  • Activity manager :running_man:

And comes with these apps:

  • A camera :camera: so that you can see your beautiful face :grin: :crazy_face:
  • A Command line :computer: that allows you to modify and run programs
  • A WIP TV mode :tv: that allows you to play media such as audio tracks

Find your favorite Snap! Users and projects using the all-new search engine, Light :sunrise:!
Light uses stored data from Snap! and related websites to gather relevant results*.

Multitask with the Activity Manager :briefcase: and switch between your favorite programs easily!

* Results may be outdated. Some searches may not have any results.

Taskr OS is in Beta. Expect bugs. If you see any, remember to report them!
Here's the project: Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

Dont reference the cloud tho

how is this multitasking? i can't find any way to run multiple programs at once, and it looks like it's using scenes, which can't multitask.

yeah thats why i was asking how to fetch data from other scenes
bc i wanted to release snappier os 2

you can open two apps at once?

it doesnt



why would you need scenes? there's quite a few ways to make programs in snap that can access everything they need to, are you trying to make it easier for others to make programs or do you just not know another way to do it? is it performance related?
i can give suggestions based on the situation

i wont but it would be easier to import YOUR projects(and no one exept me uses the snappier 1 recommended format)

i'd consider making my projects compatible with snappier or whatever other os if i could get a library that i can drop into my existing projects that checks if the project is compatible, exports a snappier program, adds in whatever os libs, etc.

the main issue i see with snappier is that trying to make a program, yes, there's instructions, but it just looks like a hassle to deal with compiling the script and all that to test.

should we make a seperate topic to try and figure out what suits a good range of projects and what would be reasonable to do?

This is really awesome! Bit slow for me but it’s awesome!

Yeah, it might run slow on some lower-end computers.


i found this bug, after stopping (red button click) and restarting (green flag click.)

yeah you guys need to learn to transit to CLI
GUI is not the effecientest,and your implementation with sprites is even worse
(maybe im just too obsessed in the js way of making stuff when im not doing macros)

a cli isn't more efficient in snap, you have to do all sorts of things to manage text because snap is based around costumes and sprites. snap also doesn't feel great to type in because it has at minimum a full frame of latency, likely more (unless you use the ask block, but then you have the problems of the ask block)

it is in terms of drawing stuff

it isnt great to type on,but its not untypeable

you clicked on the bug icon, didnt you

i think so