Talk to Alonzo

Wanna give ideas for a fun project to talk with Alonzo?

There are currently 10 commands:

  • hello or hi
  • alonzo
  • https://.+
  • goodbye or bye
  • speak
  • gobo
  • say .+
  • think .+ or imagine .+
  • i am .+ or my name is .+
  • rps (different aliases)

.+ = wildcard, type whatever. Although I know it's technically .*, it would only be useful if it's not empty.

who are you
who created you

"I am Alonzo"
"I am designed by the Snap! team"
Alias for hello

I'll add these next when I get on the computer.


I have lots of commands that you may use. Here are all:

  1. "roll a die": Alonzo will roll a die and say a number between 1 and 6.

  2. ".+ + .+" or ".+ plus .+": Alonzo will give you the sum of two or more numbers.

  3. ".+ - .+" or ".+ minus .+": Alonzo will give you the difference of two or more numbers.

  4. ".+ * .+" or ".+ times .+": Alonzo will give you the product of two or more numbers.

  5. ".+ / .+" or ".+ divided by .+": Alonzo will give you the quotient of two or more numbers. Alonzo will say "I can't do that!" if the divisor is 0.

  6. "why you have a weird shape on your head" or "why you have a weird thing on your head": Alonzo will say "I used hair gel to shape my head. It's the Greek letter lambda (λ)."

  7. "pick a number between .+ and .+": Alonzo will say a number between the first number and the second number.

  8. "I love you": Alonzo will say "Really?".

  9. "where do you live in": Alonzo will say either "I live in Snap!" or "I live in Berkeley".

  10. "draw me a .+": Alonzo will draw a .+ using pen.

  11. "become .+": Alonzo will turn into .+. You may use my fox (using the asset I used in "Assets") and say "become fox".

  12. "revert back": When Alonzo becomes something else, use this to revert back to Alonzo.

  13. "play math": Alonzo will give you simple maths. Simple maths may contain addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division. You answer the question and if you're right, Alonzo says "Right!", if not, Alonzo thinks "Hmm...".

  14. "what's your favourite colour" or "what's your favorite color": Answer is up to you.

  15. "move": Alonzo will go to a random position

  16. "grow": Alonzo will set the size to 200%.

  17. "shrink": Alonzo will set the size to 50%.

  18. "reset size": Alonzo will set the size to 100%.

That's all what I have. Some may look silly, but they look a great fit for Snap! and Alonzo.

Also, when you say something unknown, Alonzo should say "Hmm... I don't understand. Could you repeat?".


Seven the Wolf-Fox Hybrid 20

The fox asset for the eleventh command

For 6 and 14, I'll add this perhaps in the future as overcomplicated and convoluted commands are dfifficult to remember (and to recognise for Alonzo).

Thank you for ideas.

OK added some of them

can you edit your original post or make it a wiki? that way we can see the new commands or add our ideas in a seperate section?

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Ok, done